Monday, June 11, 2007

I'd like to know how many times I have said lately, 'I should have bought a condo', I may have already mentioned it here, in fact. It takes alot to maintain a house by myself, and with also trying to clear the back yard (think I whacked down about 14 trees on a whim last night) too, it's just nonstop work. For the most part I enjoy it (well, sorta), yet usually I am just too exhausted to get much in the way of art done because of all this, when I finished school thus thinking I'd have so much free time again (what, I now have to find a job?!!) - it was time to buy a lawnmower! The only painting I've accomplished is two doors yesterday, both side entrances into the garage, this one on the front porch. Tomorrow I am going to do the front door - I do love the color! Haven't even had time to go out and get new cushions for the chairs yet, I just noticed.
BREAKING NEWS - I did find a job, have been hired by the greatest people on earth - will be working with the wonderful people pictured a few posts back that helped train me!!! I'm working on getting my x-ray certification right now and will begin working a bit in July (doctor taking the month off) so will kind of be easing into it until August. This is just the greatest thing that has happened to me in a really l o n g time!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Nothing so beautiful and relaxing to me as sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down over Lake Michigan, this last saturday after a huge thunderstorm had gone through.