Saturday, July 29, 2006

trying to keep my cool

Yesterday my air conditioning went out - again - can't explain the frustration as this is one of the exact reasons I bought a new house, so as not to have problems like this. The good news is it never got above 80 degrees in here yet and that there is a repairman outside as I am writing. I am crossing my fingers he gets this fixed as another heat wave is beginning here, just as it is across much of the country. How, just how, did we all survive without technology?!*!@#&#@!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

a summer afternoon

The hydrangeas which were planted on the side of my house are absolutely flourishing, they are so gorgeous I had to cut some to bring inside this afternoon. The "paintbrushes" photographed with them I bought last week in Ann Arbor, they are made by a former iron worker who now does salvage art. He told me the container is part of an old fire extinguisher and the paintbrushes made from old school desk chair legs and telephone wire. LOVE THESE!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

a perfect sunday

Another wonderful day at the beach. I didn't take this picture today, rather back in June before school let out, way too crowded these days and being a weekend - well, you know, all part of the experience it being the middle of july. I must say I am in love with it as ever, it relaxes me like nothing else in the world, always has (see archives, August 2005 [Aug 18th to be specific] of me at Lake Michigan when teeny, always been a beach babe).

Friday, July 21, 2006

art for the day

This is my dad, back in the 1940's. If I had to guess I'd say 8th grade. I have lots of photos of him way back when, and an old book here which is part of the Highschool Boys Series - I see a whole series of my own developing. He's a great sport, I think he'll get a kick out of this! (addendum: found another of same pic with 10 years old written on the back. Good thing he looks so young now for [almost] 73, he looked older than his years when young! Maybe had something to do with those clothes, the tie, slicked back hair?!).

Thursday, July 20, 2006

summer = art fairs!

Yesterday was a perfect day in my book, art fair time in Ann Arbor! Everything was great - the weather sunny without a cloud in the sky and although very hot, not too humid - enough where a couple fresh-squeezed lemonades and some ice cream was very refreshing and hit the spot when needing a break. And the art - over 1200 artists - pure bliss!! This has evolved over many, many years, there are in fact four major fairs (going back 47 years) which stretch over the campus of the University of Michigan and through the streets of Ann Arbor, merging together into one incredible experience. I haven't been in about five years and saw it from yet a whole different perspective as over the course of those years I have ventured myself into the artistic world. Although I've always been very appreciative and it seems have always purchased it to enjoy on a daily basis I felt another level of awareness in viewing it which made it an even more enjoyable and fulfilling day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

mailmania 2

My submission for Mailmania 2, opening September 22nd at The Victoria College of Art in Victoria, BC. For more info on this exhibit: I will be very interested to see how this travels through the US postal system and on into Canada!

Monday, July 17, 2006

heat wave

Well, I just wrote a big long post about my night of redecorating - and lost the entire thing. So much for that, maybe someday I'll get back on that whole topic.

Right now I have to say the heat and humidity are consuming me - trying to stay inside and cool. I am sure my guys would be the first to call their mom a big ole wuss - and I'd have to agree! Carla told me something when I asked, after moving to the south a couple years back, how she survived the heat and humidity of the summers. She said, "you wear as little clothes as possible and hope you don't get arrested"! I actually heard comments when living "down there" such as "baby powder is a girl's best friend", gads. God knows were I a southern belle I'd probably say I was absolutely glowing right now, but I am a true northerner and feel I'm sweating like that proverbial pig (although hope I am not always so crass)! yuck.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"dr suess flowers"

as previously described, this hibiscus is amazing, I'm loving it!!!


celebrate what? How about summer, sunshine, sunday!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Quick tag I just whipped up from bits and pieces in the scrap basket - literally in 5 minutes - to include with some ATCs being swapped.

Friday, July 14, 2006


About every three or four weeks my sisters and I have breakfast with my dad at a little restaurant, today the day. Since we all talk a few times a week and if not directly to each other we get the "news" from one or the other, it isn't exactly a catch-up but a time to relax all together. Unfortunately more times than not Peggy, who has MS, doesn't make it. She deals with alot of pain and never knows how she will feel from one day to the next, we missed her this morning.

After, Cathy and I headed out to Countryside, the mega-greenhouse with rock-bottom prices and acres and acres to peruse, way the heck out past Allendale. I bought 12 ferns to plant on the wooded side of the house, there's a door out from the garage and I hope at some point in time to put a flagstone path from it to the driveway in front. It is pretty, and since it was cleared out and mulched it is where Ernie and I start out on our walks as he can't yet go on the grass - even it is really coming along!! We went nuts over a a hibiscus that has 9-inch flowers, it is what I immediately felt was a Dr. Seuss plant - amazing and funky and something we had to have, we each bought one! I put it on the deck in a large pot right now but it can be planted and will over-winter here in Michigan - something I am skeptical about but will definitely try, probably putting it into the ground in the early fall. Pictures will be in a day or so as the one flower that was blooming didn't make the ride home stuffed into my car, but I did fit it in there without breaking any branches and there are two enormous buds about ready to open. This is just the coolest.

Also will photograph my ferns but it was too dark when I finished planting. I waited until early evening to do it as we are in the midst of the hottest days of summer here, just about 90 and the humidity is exactly what I just couldn't tolerate in NC, one of those step-out-of-the-door-and-immediately-begin-sweating kind of days (luckily a week at a time is about maximum we have to deal with it then it goes away again, it reappers sporadically but thankfully not a major part of our summers here). I'd have given quite alot to dive into a pool when done but no longer have that luxury, something I miss alot after having three different houses with inground pools and my last house living in a community where I could pick one of four around the golf course - but I made due with a cool shower, what'reyagonnado, you gotta make the best of life! I'm thinking a hot tub with ice cubes floating in it, but that too is most likely not gonna happen, LOL!

I decided then as I was pretty exhausted to go to bed early and fell asleep - for all of about 20 minutes. I'm about ready to try again. Ernie is already snoring away, after rolling in the mulch (not a good thing for a long-haired dog who then had to be brushed out before my shower), he's bushed. Sweet dreams are calling me, too......

Thursday, July 13, 2006

an art-filled day

Fun day yesterday, I'd forgotten how much of a wonderful art community Saugatuck is as I hadn't been there in a good fifteen years or more. It is home to the Ox Bow school ( which is affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago, and due to that influence the town supports more galleries than a great many larger cities I've visited. This is one of many sculptures which are displayed around the streets and little parks everywhere. If you'd ever want a nice little vacation get-away there are also dozens of bed and breakfasts and small quaint little hotels and cottages to choose from. And, as it also sits on Lake Michigan there are out of this world sunsets and beautiful beaches to go and relax and soak up some rays. We enjoyed a scrumptious fresh-caught perch lunch yesterday and of course in honor of the birthday, an ice cream cone before heading home (and all this less than an hour from my front door)!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

happy birthday, Cath!

(hope she will be too busy this a.m. pampering herself and doesn't see this post as this is her birthday gift!) Love this frame, made by a girl in East Lansing and on sale at a wonderful flower/gift shop here in town (I know, I know - I coulda made it, shoulda made it...). Anyway, the photo was taken the last girls' vacation we had a few years back now, we were staying at a friend's house in the Keys - fabulous, fabulous week (and if I recall as this pic shows I was standing practically bowlegged each night when we'd get out of our swim suits for dinner because I was so sunburned it hurt to even wear panties, I'd bought the scratchiest new ones just prior to the trip and obviously my suit was a little more risque than those things - what the hey, after a few drinks - well, you know how it goes)! Today she and I are going to go browse the galleries and shop in Saugatuck and have a late lunch to celebrate her 40-something! birthday (actually she is younger than I am so I should just blab it right out - but I can't remember exactly which one it is. And this is why they laugh at me as I am the oldest and will most likely lose my mind first, sigh)!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ATC series

This is a series of ATCs I made today for a one-on-one swap with another artist. If there is anyone out there who would be interested in doing any swaps of any kind I'm open to hearing your ideas. It's been quite awhile since I've done any due to my move, it even took me quite some time to get back into the swing of making art. But I had a long rainy day doing nothing but today and it was so relaxing and the day blissfully slipped right away - I am feeling my muse returning!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

be true

She's quite tall, somewhere about 22-23 inches tall. Guess I could have taken a better picture but with all my shade it is getting quite dark in the house and thought it would be better outside. And by the way, YES, that is grass growing in the background!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Be ~

This card fell out of a book I picked up last night, I'd bought it at a gallery sometime over the last couple of years as it really spoke to me.

It hails from:

Gladys the Brave Studios
70 Cedar St
Asheville, NC 28803

Saturday, July 01, 2006

4th of july

here's to a fantabulous holiday!!
Enjoy your fun in the sun ~ xoxo Mary