Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

a little book

This is a little 7 gypsies coin envelope book I arted up yesterday. A little scrapbookie, but I absolutely fell in love with the Bohemia papers and rub-ons I'd found a couple weeks ago. I mixed quite a few of the lines together (as they were all so delicious I had to buy a large lot) and ~ voila ~ this is the result. I think it's quite precious, myself!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

saturday, part 3!

It is very, very windy today, we are losing the majority of our leaves. Ernie is having the time of his life chasing them! It is cold out there, but can there be anything more heartwarming than watching a puppy play?!!

and another thing...

What is blog etiquette as far as blog links go - I finally made a list of some of the blogs I read daily and put on this blog of mine (if ever there was a procrastinator or inept computer user, I am it and would take the prize. Guess I'd like there to be a prize - I never win anything!). It got me wondering, should I only put down those of people I know (which I did, albeit a couple mere acquaintances), or is it ok to link those that I also just absolutely love reading and visualizing due to talents I admire but who would have no clue who the heck I am (as I have become nearly hermit-like, in which case, who will know as I am sure my readership is infinitesimal??). And if I do, should I email them and tell them I am linking?? (Secret - I have 244 on a list I look at [just counted] - not of course daily, but obviously I am addicted. As addicted as I am to magazines and books it has become apparent). And need I say - I most probably need to get a life?!!!

is this a terrible admission?

I don't want to do halloween. My house is decorated, I love halloween decorating. But I don't feel like going and buying tons of candy, candy I am not even sure will get given out to trick or treaters as I have no clue how many kids would actually come down this street - we have no kids up here excepting one house, and another with a newborn. Because if I do then I will, 1) have wasted all that money on stuff that, 2) I will eat which will, 3) make me fat thus, 4) feel bad for having eaten. But I know I will because I love candy! I am thinking instead of going to Barnes and Noble, doing a bit of perusing and then sitting and having coffee from 6-9pm on tuesday. But, I, for some odd reason do feel guilty, I know how excited my kids always were to do halloween, how excited I was at a young age for that matter, and we were the recipients for many, many years of that kindness and fun, albeit in a different place, state - so it's not as I have particular people to repay the gratitude.

Why do I make things difficult, debating moral decisions with myself (is this exactly an important moral decison - I think in the scheme of things in the state my life and the world in general NOT). So guess I will go to the bookstore.

Friday, October 27, 2006

{time flies}

time flies - whether you're having fun - or not. This was a blah kind of week, and this is how I felt - kind of flat, smooshed. Headachey, cold. Did get out today with dad and the seesters for breakfast, then the girls went to the mall for a bit. They had me buy cuticle conditioner. And Peggy was on a mission to find a ginger-scented candle. I came home and made gingersnaps. Looking forward to a yoga class I am starting in two weeks - bacon and cookies all in one day, yikes.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

autumnal splendor

The colors are beginning to peak, I grabbed my camera when I went out to the mailbox this afternoon. So gorgeous.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Last night's sunset on Lake Michigan, they're getting earlier and earlier each day.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

a taste of what's to come

This is what I woke to this morning, gone are the 70 degree temperatures of the past weekend, nanook of the north swept in during the night apparently. When I looked out to see if Ernie was ready to come in I felt he had the same look on his face I did, that "what the...?!" Ahh well, this is reality but it too shall pass - in about 7 months!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Just spent an extra long, extraordinarily gorgeous weekend doing a color tour in the upper penninsula of Michigan. Full moon and gorgeous sunsets reflecting onto Lake Michigan, rock hunting on Lake Superior, the falls at Tahquamenon beautiful as always, the trees in peak color, the weather absolutely all you could ask for in October. And even took the Lake Huron drive home for more spectacular views. So fun, so relaxing, so perfect. Now if blogger would only let me load some photos (@$*&#@!!^**!@~) ADDENDUM - photo added later today, this is a pic of the sunset last friday night near St. Ignace.

Monday, October 02, 2006

There are some words you just don't hear much anymore - like hunker. Any old way, it sounds as if the next few days will be a hunkering down kind of time, a time to stay inside, feather the nest and pull out the throws, keep the coffee pot full, and the pjs on! I woke up this morning at 6:30 to the sounds of heavy rain and thunder, and it is still doing so. I actually kind of like it - but give me a couple more days and I'm sure I'll be changing that tune.