Friday, February 24, 2006

Made it to Michigan yesterday in very good time, twelve hours with a puppy - I was quite impressed with us both! The first time we stopped to potty ourselves it was a twenty minute stop (and this after only an hour on the road), at that rate I felt it would probably take us until March to get here. Mr. Ernie tends to have what I equate to my own irritable bowel when excited so when I went to pick him up from the vet where he was being boarded for a few days prior to the moving van and all I had to wait and we were late by about an hour getting started on our adventure while he had an emergency bath and some medication - not the best start to our morning! He's never had a pill before and the vet told me to give him another about 5pm - I thought RIGHT, in a car stuffed to the gills, I am to try stuffing a pill down a squirmy puppy's throat?! Needless to say, I waited and he was fine anyway, had calmed down and slept much after awhile. And he seems to love my sister Cathy, I came back home and they were taking a nap, he curled right at her side on her bed - and barely raised his head to look at me! It must be kind of a strange thing for him, I have heard my voice on video and such and it sounds just like her, wonder what he thinks?!

The house closing today went well, had to sign about 50 papers and give a pint of blood (I'm sure I don't know why this really didn't happen as they require everything else) - and I am now a new homeowner!! I went directly over there then and checked it out - last time I saw the house just before christmas when I decided to buy they hadn't yet laid the carpet, put in sinks or toilets or mirrors, hardware on cabinets - so it was very exciting to see it completed! We are (me and family) going to paint my bedroom and master bath tomorrow a nice sunny yellow as I felt the gray that was in there was too much like the sky here nine months of the year, and then my stuff will arrive via moving van on tuesday.

Everything going like clockwork and too well - I am almost holding my breath waiting for that other shoe to drop as this isn't the way my life has been transpiring the last few-plus years. Maybe my luck is turning! Although I did have to stop on the way back over here to buy a snow shovel, I am going to remain optimistic there will be no blizzards until wednesday at the earliest!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

heading home

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I am just about ready for the movers which means it's time to pull the plug on the computer.

It has gone from a gorgeous 73 degrees here in North Carolina friday to a bone-chilling cold hovering right around 42 degrees. I have to keep reminding myself this will be a warm day up north at this time of year, and it's going to be a bit of an adjustment. I was told the other day to look at it on the bright side, I will get to see two springs this year as it is just arriving here and yet to come up there (like May?!). Well, there are tradeoffs to everything in life, right?!

Next entry will be from Michgan, just hope it doesn't take me too long to figure out how to hook all this back up!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

good friends

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Spent a good part of the day with two good friends, Cathy and Marie. This picture was taken this afternoon at Winthrop University where we went to view Cathy's photography she currently has displayed there. Her grouping of photographs is called, The Children of Ixopo: Hope and Survival in a Time of Aids. It is part of a larger exhibit entitled South by South Africa, Crafting Cultural Understanding (comparing the American South with that of South Africa). She is SO TALENTED, these are very powerful and poignant pictures.

I will greatly miss these warm and artistic women, it has been THE highlight of my time here getting to know them (who would have ever thought that myself, a native of Michigan, would find so much in common with women who landed in Charlotte from different countries on the other side of the world, South Africa and Australia - just goes to show you it can, at times, be a very small world, indeed). xoxoxo to you both!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

dignity & respect

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Well, got through that day yesterday, not the easiest one of the year.

I caught part of an interview on Oprah with Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood (wowza, there is a man in love, the way he looks at her there is no doubt he adores her - a very lucky couple). Anyway, he said something which sums up what I wholeheartedly believe of life:

"Whatever we do in the future is not a denial of the past."

I try to keep dignity and respect in the forefront of my thoughts and deeds and hope I live to that as I certainly not only strive and work hard to do so but believe it vital to my peace of mind, and owed those who helped shape my life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a face like this just melts the heart

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A little freaked out by the noise of the blender, Ernie hightailed it out of the kitchen and ran to a chair and comforted himself with his favorite toy. He won't let me out of his sight so was just hanging back, waiting for things to calm down! Looks like quite the valentine shot with the red dog I thought.


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Just itching to make more valentines today - I've been so inspired by all the cool ones I've viewed made by art friends, but all my art supplies are now boxed and ready to go, not to mention the couple I did manage to make last week got out of here without pictures being taken - sigh. So instead just made a "valentine" for myself, a wonderful orange-strawberry milkshake (gotta clean out that freezer)! I happened upon these cool towels yesterday when I ran into walmart to get a couple things.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


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We saw some snow here today - about five minutes of a few flakes floating on the wind! I put ernie out so he could get his first look at it, he seemed to enjoy the excitment of trying to catch them. This novelty will wear off quite quickly when we get to michigan I am going to guess. Unfortunately my camera was displaying the low battery light and I got no pictures so instead am substituting one of the New York City ballet - isn't this pretty? It was chilly, though, I doubt the entire two years I've been here it has been much colder. brrrrr......

heart & soul

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I have been going through a very difficult time, facing some challenges that have stretched and pulled me until I find myself nearly unrecognizable at times as the person I know is inside.

I draw comfort from knowing I am going very soon now home to family and friends, and in this solitude from listening to alot of music, and most especially these last weeks as I pack up my household. Saving graces.

The winter of my soul will give way to eternal spring, I know, just as I realize the phases I go through in life are important for self-discovery and growth. Ahh, but it is time to move forward.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

without doubt

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Political cartoon in this morning's Observer by Doug Marlette (who, by the way, is my ex-husband's cousin Melinda's husband, last I knew anyway; an interesting guy. He's written a novel, The Bridge, I can recommend as a good read).


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What is it with Madonna wearing no pants these days?? Is the reaction I'm having to this one my mother must have had when she burst on the scene wearing her pointy-cone bras as a fashion statement, underwear on the outside of her clothes, singing "Like A Virgin"? Holy generation gap, batgirl, have I become my mother, after all???

Friday, February 10, 2006

life is indeed a rollercoaster ride

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A thrilling, exciting, petrifying, sick-to-your-stomach ride. Excuse me, but can I get off yet, at the least get on a more even keel?!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


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This is one of my favorite photos, it is of my mom (the younger) and Aunt Nancy. I am thinking possibly of putting this on a pillow, as well I may tea-dye the whole thing. Right now am out of tea - and time!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


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Made my button bracelet, not bad for a first attempt.

procrastination = s t r e s s ?!?!

Main Entry: pro·cras·ti·nate
Pronunciation: pr&-'kras-t&-"nAt, prO-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -nat·ed; -nat·ing
Etymology: Latin procrastinatus, past participle of procrastinare, from pro- forward + crastinus of tomorrow, from cras tomorrow
transitive senses: to put off intentionally and habitually intransitive senses : to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done synonym see
DELAY - pro·cras·ti·na·tion /-"kras-t&-'nA-sh&n/ noun - pro·cras·ti·na·tor

I don't know why I do it - procrastinate. Although in reading the above definition I am reminded it is habitual. Yet it isn't the day to day stuff I put off, more the "I don't like doing this" or the "this is going to be uncomfortable" or "this stresses me out" type-things where this behavior erupts with me. I'd have to assume this is typical of most procrastinators? Am I typical???? But I was always taught, "Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today". Where does this come from???

So, it is ten o'clock in the morning, I have been up for over three hours. I have (I think subconsciously, I don't feel it intentional at all) done everything in my power to put off the inevitable duty I must do today - more sorting and packing of my belongings. And really, although it isn't by any far stretch of the imagination fun, it isn't bad at all once I get the mind-set and get going on it, and I get a real sense of accomplishment from doing what I need do to get moved, in seeing all these stacks of boxes ready to roll. So what the heck?!!

One more cup of coffee........

Friday, February 03, 2006


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The day started dark and gloomy, it having rained all during the night and my internet connection was out for a few hours - not the best start to a day. But by the time I got my act together to run some errands the sun had come out and it got to a gorgeous 65 degrees. Ernie and I enjoyed a nice walk this afternoon.

I had an urge last night to make a button bracelet and thought I should have beads on it. Of course they are all in a box - and there are nearly 100 of them out on the landing and stacked in this room full of art "necessities"! There is no way I am starting to break into these so found myself today at AC Moore. I knew knew knew this would happen and I would not be able to stand having all my stuff packed away!

So tonight, after doing a little sewing, I've been sorting through and washing buttons. (I had decided to leave the sewing machine and things out until the end as I can easily do a piece in the evenings to relax myself after a day of packing so that stuff will be done last minute, along with the computer). Feeling a bit tired now so will fit this project in tomorrow after boxing up another room or two.

I'm reading a very good book, one I found on the shelf I had never read - The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Can't imagine why I never got to this, it is so good and I've had it for years. Also picked up Somerset Weddings 2 today. Not that I'm ever getting married again I can ever forsee but these are my colors, the creams and golds and pinks, along with all the hearts and romance - just beautiful. And with my house being dismantled and starting to echo I need beauty in a big way now. Think I'm going to get into jammies~

Thursday, February 02, 2006

happy birthday carla!

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to a sweet friend, best wishes! Hope you have a wonderful day!

xoxo Mary

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


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February 1st was my mom's birthday; she passed away in September of 2002. I miss her.

(I created this card for the Ancestor Deck Yahoo Group in 2003)