Friday, March 31, 2006

sunshine on a cloudy day

a quiet little corner where I started my day with a cup of coffee. A bit rainy this morning but this is my own bit of sunshine. Now off to start the rat race!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


He has brought me so much comfort, joy and laughter. ...and to think, he only came into existence one year ago. Happy birthday little Ernie!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

random thoughts

these are the days -

- must be getting used to my glasses because I just thought, "where are those things", not because I couldn't see but because they are finally becoming a part of me and not feeling obnoxious.

- makes me irritable signing and sending in my tax statement. Bush.

- speaking of $$ - why is gas $2.67/gal??

- room-darkening blinds are new and improved since I had bought them years ago, I can't even tell it is daylight (well, I can't tell it is daylight alot of these dreary days but these are helping and I say, yeah!)

- however, why do so many appliances/electronic devices come with clocks and why do they have to glow in the dark??

- today I ate 'breakfast' for all meals, cereal, waffles, and lots of orange juice. I am so loving SILK vanilla soy milk.

- I feel I am becoming a putterer, spending ridiculous amounts of time arranging and rearranging - it is a luxurious feeling to have unlimited time to do mundane things.

- Ernie will be one year old tomorrow, do dogs know how old they are without having to convert it into "dog years"?!!

- Hey Luke, did you wonder last week why, if they are called "wisdom teeth" they get pulled out??!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I finally got my mp3 player up and running - right, Luke did (he also bought it for me for christmas), he showed me the ropes last week and I have hundreds of songs I'd like to get on this thing, and I'm well on my way. I'd been peacefully lying in bed reading and listening to music when suddenly I got a bug I needed a particular song (eva cassidy's Songbird) and was at it nearly an hour again this time around. Music is one of my basic necessities of life. I can't believe it has taken me so long to get one of these things.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I've gotten much unpacked and am to the point I am starting to hang pictures and art on the walls today, finally - in some ways I can hardly belive a month has nearly been spent in this house but in others - well, I'll just say I am ready to be settled! This should improve my general frame of mind and bring this house all together, make it HOME. I have a room full of boxes of books and such upstairs yet but waiting on IKEA to deliver an identical couple sets of bookshelves to those I had to leave behind as the new owners of my NC house wrote them into the contract (I think they lusted after them as much as I do); they are for a full wall so as to convert a bedroom into a library. So, still lots to do, but am putting as my next plan of attack the art studio - I am so ready. Cross my fingers - by week's end I might be able to lose myself blissfully in creating some art - oh happy day! (was unable to add my pic yesterday, something wrong but I've amended it as today seems to be, indeed, a new day!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

bridal shower

From the left - Becca my neice, my sister Peggy, and her soon to be daughter-in-law Heather. My nephew Rick is the first of our kids to be getting married, he and Heather are both 21 and students at GVSU, they are planning a June 3rd wedding. All the aunts (all seven of his!) gave a bridal shower this afternoon. I know I was feeling my age!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

trying my {patience}

Today was cold and gray, I look forward to the little bits of color popping out of the snow, that hint of hope this won't last forever. This picture was taken by a wonderful photographer, Al Hyams, who specializes in photography of the northwestern half of lower Michigan - many places which are very dear to my heart.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the itch

It has been waaay tooo long since I have had the opportunity to make art and I am starting to feel the itch in a very big way. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I spent the weekend trying to come up with an idea for some twenty bridal shower giftees as "the aunts" are giving a shower this coming sunday for my nephew's fiance'. After some trial and error I decorated some votive candle cups which I finished this (past, is it really nearly 4am??) evening, wish I had a picture to share with this post but the camera battery died and I have to find the charger tomorrow somewhere amongst this chaos. They did turn out cute, her color for the wedding is hot pink and they sure look springy and fun with the ribbon I found, a few patterns of the pink. I added a button (surprised?!), a bead, some lettering. I guess it has gotten to the point I am looking to create in unexpected ways - that bruise on the side of my head/face I mentioned the other night? It has turned into a black eye for god's sakes. Not really black and blue but the most interesting shades of black, yellow, brown I have worn in a very long time! Magnify this behind my new glasses, and it really is something to see. Wish I had a better story to share - I fought off a boogey man or something - but I clunked myself quite hard on the edge of a cd cabinet as I was bending down to plug in the iron saturday morning. Note - things are in different places here, watch what you are doing or you are going to hurt yourself repeatedly! I am excited, tomorrow (make that today) Luke is coming for a short visit as he is on spring break. We will do a little heavy lifting together (move this desk which weighs an estimated gazillion pounds, and the bookshelves) so I will be able to start unpacking the art supplies by weeks' end - hurray!! I am sure we also will EAT, as that is a favorite passion of this nearly 23 year old's, and probably snuggle in and watch some March madness basketball and a movie or two (complete with snacks)! He hasn't lived in Grand Rapids since he was in the third grade, and although we've visited many times we were always very busy with family activities so he is also wanting to do some exploring. Alot to cram into a short time period but that's what we've always done, and I miss these boys and all the action which was our way of life.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


My new specs, transitional lenses, getting used to them makes me feel the ground is rising up too fast, what I probably have looked like all day is drunk! This self-portrait doesn't show the whopping headache I've gotten wearing them since picking them up this morning (nor the bruise which is developing due to my plugging in the iron and whacking the side of my head on a cd cabinet - but that's another story). In addition to being able to see much better, I hope it will help to minimize or slow down the progression of those deep squinty wrinkles between my eyes I have acquired as a result of this diminishing eye sight. Turning 40 my eyes began to deteriorate, I have a couple years before hitting the next decade marker, wonder what will be next?!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

{bright and beautiful}

Although I tend to like sepias, faded prints and all the romance of the shabby chic look I have never used it in my house except in extremely limited ways, I guess given I lived with all males and tended to want them to feel comfortable in their own home (not withstanding the wearability/dirt factor of boys!), I tended to lean more towards a sort of muted jewel tone palette. Thinking this house through I still do not see myself going in that direction when furnishing and decorating it, and that's a good thing I guess as my bedroom did not turn out to be the soft soothing yellow I envisioned but slightly more BRIGHT. It took three coats of paint to cover that gray and I am not in the mood to repaint so have been looking for a way to tie this altogether into a look that will be comfortable and fun. I happened across this pattern at The Company Store and think I am going to go with it - the newer, bolder, wilder side of me just may be emerging!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a new day

Today's view of my backyard (taken out of a very dirty window I will add) - one thing I do remember is that March is a very fickle month! Lots to do inside though(including window washing as blinds will be installed thursday) where it is warm and toasty and smelling heavenly with the folgers chocolate-flavored coffee I've got brewing in my new braun coffee pot. All in all it will be a GOOD day!

Monday, March 13, 2006

making ourselves a home

What a weekend in western michigan, a place where the average temperature is 40 degrees at this time of year, it was in the 60's this weekend. Not only did I get a few things done inside but a very dear friend came and helped put up a temporary fence so Ernie could enjoy our new backyard until the lawn and such can be put in a couple months from now (he loves it so much I cannot get him inside right now, even the temperature has fallen almost 15 degrees in the last couple hours - our taste of spring about gone for a bit - as he is fascinated with chasing leaves and all the new smells here).
Still stacks of boxes all over the place and tradespeople in and out of the house but we are starting to feel it a home. Very comforting.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Two things I don't like - being cold and sweating. Well, one thing I've learned along the way is that there is no such thing as perfect, or at least not on an every day basis. But right now I am having a hard time typing my fingers are so cold. I am not going to be a whiner or complain, I made this choice to come north for reasons other than the weather obviously (either that or my mental capacity has deteriorated more than I thought it would before the age of 50). But did you know that you cannot buy an electric blanket in Michigan, or at least not here in Grand Rapids, much after christmas - a place where it is now at this minute on March 7th just barely above freezing (35 degrees and falling) and where it won't truly be open your windows warm until May or even June?! So I'm wondering on my chances of finding a space heater for this new downstairs office/studio space as I certainly don't relish paying a heating bill as high as my mortgage. Thank goodness for the internet, I need to do some online shopping right now. Nite.

we aren't in "kansas" anymore! (and it's good to be back home)

Originally uploaded by blubird
Ernie and I are here in Michigan, truly a "winter wonderland" (only isn't it almost time for spring?!!). His favorite treat is an ice cube, when we got out of the car at my sister's house he acted as if he was in paradise, running and eating all his little tummy could hold of the snow covering the ground! He continues doing this and is going to be pretty surprised as it is starting to melt and we are to have warmer temperatures and rain by week's end.

Moving is an experience I hope not to have again for a very long, long time. Things went well all things considered with a few minor glitches here and there, but there are just so many details to attend to in getting a life in order in a new place. I believe it is finally catching up to me, last night I slept for ~twelve~ hours, absolutely unheard of in my life - but oh, it felt great!

I am now back in the 21st century as yesterday was a busy one - appliances were delivered, a mailbox installed, although still somewhat temporary as the ground is too frozen yet to do it properly, so I could have mail delivered to the new house (why can the mailman come to the door, ring the doorbell and tell me I have mail accumulating but cannot give it to me until he can put it in a box at the end of the driveway - truly a government agency, is it not??), I got cable tv and my internet access and was able to put my computer together and get it up and running this afternoon - quite proud of myself for this as two years ago when I moved things didn't fare quite so well in this area (and I have a mere 337 email messages to peruse). And I shoveled about six inches of snow at 6:30 yesterday morning - not warm yet. OH, it's great to be HOME (really, it is)!!