Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The other day being a gloomy one I spent some time browsing around a favorite antique mall, here a few of the treasures I picked up. The small ledger book was used as a diary, unfortunately just a few pages of entries and no author attributed. However, I find this one fascinating, a peek into history:
"War ended Nov. 11, 1918. It ws the 11 mo. 11 da. & 11 hr. peace was signed. Lake Linden* had a big celebration, stores closed, mills, etc. Large parade in the afternoon. In the evening the C. & H. made a bonfire at the Caledonia park, crowds of people were present, 3 bands played & everybody singing & shouting. The bonfire consisted of 100 bbls. of oil & on the very top they had the kaiser & the crown prince displayed."
*Lake Linden a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan).
And, in case anyone (?!!) reading this wonders why I am not working, I am waiting for the call to see if I am to go in this afternoon - my doctor has been on jury duty for the past week and a half. Supposedly, hopefully, things were to have wrapped up sometime today.


Anonymous said...

Lake Linden is "Our" town. My son was alerted regarding this father served in WW1....and was probably at the party that night. He served in the army band with Persing in France. He was a first generation American. His father came to "The Keewenaw"...(where Lake Linden is located) as a 21 yr old recently discharged from the Swiss army. (every 18 yr old is in the Swiss army for one year) He was a stone mason and went to the "Copper Country" in about 1882. When the copper mines were being developed. His future wife came to the Quincy mine as a 17 yr old German girl....her father was also a stone mason and was hired during the large building period (1884) at Quincy Mine. My father was born in Lake Linden in 1895...wonder what is the date of the entry in the journal...would love to know who wrote it.....Mary Lou

mary boyer said...

Mary Lou - send me your email address and I will forward copies of the account book - mine Thank you for your post, it is very interesting to hear about!